Is this program expensive?

    Our program is as affordable as most diet programs out there if not more so. The longer you stay on common commercial weight loss programs the more expensive they become.

    What happens when I am finished with the protocol? Do I gain the weight back?

    Now that you have lost fat and not lean muscle mass, you will likely not be gaining the weight back. Unlike diet pills and phentermines that cause your appetite to be suppressed, our program targets fat and for that reason you will be happy to know that you will not be gaining any weight back. Now that you have lost weight, your metabolism has increased and exercise will increase. Furthermore our protocol includes a 21 day maintenance system that is FREE of charge!

    Is this an exercise program?

    It is not an exercise program. Nutrition is by far the most effective method of achieving weight loss. We do however want you to be active and recommend walking or low intensity exercise to keep your metabolism boosted and for maintaining muscle. Weight loss cannot be done with exercise alone. This requires a system or a protocol like Soza!

    Does this program interfere with my medication?

    Our program is an All Natural solution that absolutely does not interfere with medication. Everything we do is natural that does not include diet pills or phentermine like many other weight loss programs out there.

    What about diabetes and high blood pressure?

    There are so many clients that come to us with diabetes and high blood pressure medication. Our goal is to help you reduce medication. We have seen many people in an incredibly short period of time show significant improvements.

    Is this pre-packaged foods?

    We do not advocate pre-packaged foods. Most pre-packaged foods are full of preservatives and chemicals. What will you do once you are off these foods? With the Soza protocol you will be eating real foods, low calorie but nutrient dense. We want you to learn what foods to eat today and always. Our food list is a proprietary food list specifically designed for fat loss.

    How fast until I see results?

    This is what makes our program so amazing. The results are quick and in a week you could easily lose up to 7 pounds**. We have seen people lose even more. Your energy levels will increase, stress will decrease, but more importantly you will be very motivated and tell all your friends about this program. Research has shown that slow weight loss reduces the chances of reaching your goal weight, and could keep you at current health risks.

    Why does this work where other programs have failed?

    Your goal is to burn fat and not lean muscle mass. Our protocol is specifically designed to target abnormal body fat. Basically your body has three types of fat, Structural, normal, and abnormal fat. Our program helps your body into releasing calories of fat off your body every day! We are here to help reset your metabolism* to help make your results last. Our program provides you structure, portion control, and a proprietary food list that should be followed.

    Why it is hard to lose weight on my own?

    Today we are constantly bombarded with so many different fads and diets from the media and misinformation available on the internet even by health care professionals. Attempting a weight loss program on your own does not address all factors attributed to weight loss. We help provide all the metabolic factors necessary to lose weight, effectively and safely. We are here to provide you with a proprietary proven method of weight loss that has helped treat close to 10,000 clients nationwide.

    Is the Soza Program safe?

    Yes absolutely! Even though you could lose anywhere from ½ pound a day, you are losing fat and not lean muscle mass. Excess weight is a definite health risk.

    Is it necessary to see a doctor while on the Soza program?

    You should get the approval of your primary doctor before going on any weight loss program. We do not want to take the role of your doctors. It is our belief that you should maintain your existing relationships with all your physicians, without the unnecessary expensive testing and procedures many “medical weight loss programs” put you through. We support you in your weight loss goals, using the safe methods created by physicians.

    What does Medically Supervised mean?

    Our protocol itself is medically supported. Nutritionists, dietitians, and physicians were involved in the creation and modification of the program. You will not be seen by any doctors on this program, as there is no physician patient relationship.

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