Join the SOZA Healthy Life Circle and reap these benefits:

    1. Free SOZA Healthy Life Circle™ Membership Card, good for you and your immediate family 
    2. Metabolic Assessments at your nearest SOZA – key to successful weight management
    3. Choice of two low-cost monthly SOZA Weight Maintenance Programs
    4. Discount on all other SOZA wellness services and programs
    5. Courtesy discounts from SOZA Healthy Life Circle Partner Companies

    What is the SOZA Healthy Life Circle?

    It’s a new organization that offers you and your immediate family the opportunity to be part of a healthy circle of people who successfully manage their weight. The Healthy Circle™ offers you money-saving access to the weight management services offered by SOZA Weightloss along with savings on other services offered by a growing list of Healthy Life Circle Partner Companies. These services are accessed at your discretion through your SOZA Healthy Life Circle Membership Card.

    The card is free. It is a Membership Card, not a credit card. You are not obligated to purchase services, but those you do purchase are discounted for you as a SOZA Clinic Healthy Circle cardholder.

    The SOZA Weightloss program is a direct offshoot of the remarkable weight-loss centers that have helped close to the thousands of patients in the country not only to lose weight but to keep it off by achieving and maintaining metabolic balance. The Assessment is the ideal way to learn where you stand relative to your weight and your general health. The Assessment can help you and the SOZA staff to:

    • Discover underlying symptoms
    • Determine desired mental and physical rejuvenations
    • Determine stress level indications
    • Point our health weaknesses and/or potential problem areas
    • Provide support for health improvement
    • Assess preventative health steps you can take

    What are my choices in low-cost SOZA Healthy Life Weight Maintenance Plans?

    Even if you are now at a desired weight, you may need a bit of help maintaining it. The SOZA Clinic offers two monthly Weight Maintenance Plans. Either Plan may be cancelled at any time:

    How do I receive discounts from SOZA Healthy Life Circle Partner Companies?

    Since this is a new program, the list of Partner Companies is coming soon!