SOZA Weightloss® Promise

We realize our vision by providing a proven weight loss method based on wholesome and healthy food choices. We focus on helping clients / patients to make lasting changes for permanent weight loss and improved health by following an all-natural, wholistic professionally developed weight loss program. Our program is offered by Doctors of Integrative Medicine, Chiropractic Physicians and other health care Professionals. We have made it a top priority to provide only the highest quality and authentic pharmaceutical ingredients. ​

We abide by good manufacturing practices (“GMP”), the regulations set forth by the FDA. All products are non-GMO, have no artificial sweeteners, food dyes, or other unnecessary chemicals, and fillers. ​

Passionate Health Care Professionals will only provide their patients the most potent and purest dietary supplements. Our continuous work with Health Care Professionals insures that you receive the best the industry has to offer. ​

All products have gone through testing for quality and purity. Each of our formulas is 100% compliant with the ingredients listed on the label, meets or exceeds GMP quality standards, and has undergone rigorous testing. ​

Our ingredients and dosages are backed by peer-reviewed scientific and clinical research. They are scientifically proven to be healthy, safe and effective. ​